Can I request a layout here?

Hey Everyone,

My first time posting in this community.

Anyway I have never requested anything before.

So I was wondering if I could request a layout for my Journal?

I would like either an Mischa Barton or an Nicky Hilton one, but could someone tell if I am doing the request thing right or not??

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ok I know that this is not a Paris Hilton request, but this is for my other journal.

I was wondering if someone could make this for me...

1. Picture
2. Background color: Dark Blue
3. Color of text:White
4. Color of text box:black
5. Color of links : White
6. Color of links (hover): blur
7. color of scroll bar and track: Scrol bar Dark BLue, and track, Black
8. sidebar, or simple? simple
9. Where would you like the picture (left, right, center, top)? center
10. Where would you like the text box (left or right)? right

1. Text: Tahoma
2. text size: 12
3. entrie box solid or transparent: transparent
4. Comment Link Text: Hayden is A Hottie/ (amount of people that left a comment) Think so to

That is all,
Thank you so very much

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Hey babes! i'm back from tokyo!!! Sry for ppl who wanted layouts cause it took a while but i'm back know and will get things done!! If you want a layout comment to this post with your pic and every thing. So ya i went to tokyo because my dad was promoting his fashion line . It was so awsome there! i love there style there it's so hot and retro!!! i'll have to show you guys the pics. look in my journal i'll probly be posting them soon. and anything else comment post what ever you want i dont care! talk to ya l8ter bitches!! xoxoxox

request, please!

I was wondering if anyone would like to make an icon for me? credit will DEFFINITLY be given in my user info! I just wanted an icon with paris's face with really glamourous makeup on, and lots of her blonde hair showing...and then in hot pink writing I would like for it to say 'blondes have more fun'
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Umm. I posted, a whle ago, for a layout to be made, i was just wondering, about how long untill I get it? because I am heading out of town for almost 3 weeks and I wont be here to get it. I am leaving tomarow.

Thank you .