Bailey (so_bailey) wrote in xo_hgraphics_xo,


ok I know that this is not a Paris Hilton request, but this is for my other journal.

I was wondering if someone could make this for me...

1. Picture
2. Background color: Dark Blue
3. Color of text:White
4. Color of text box:black
5. Color of links : White
6. Color of links (hover): blur
7. color of scroll bar and track: Scrol bar Dark BLue, and track, Black
8. sidebar, or simple? simple
9. Where would you like the picture (left, right, center, top)? center
10. Where would you like the text box (left or right)? right

1. Text: Tahoma
2. text size: 12
3. entrie box solid or transparent: transparent
4. Comment Link Text: Hayden is A Hottie/ (amount of people that left a comment) Think so to

That is all,
Thank you so very much
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not everything in this community has to be paris so your fine i'll get started and please put your requst behind an lj cut
thanks bitch
xoxo paris
Sorry, I thought that I did put it behind a cut, will do next request. Oh, and if you need my email addy for when it is done, it is ok
ok i'm almost done
THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT, if you need my email addy it is is it ok if I use it on my other journal?
ya shure just credit
kewl, I hope that the other extra stuff helped, I use that stuff on my other layout com.

hey umm its not showing the comments I left so did i already give you my email address or no? I am sorry